Vision of Enjoy & Wonderful: Let thousands of people gain happiness

Mission of Enjoy & Wonderful: make first-class brand, create happy life

Purpose of Enjoy & Wonderful: great virtue and integrity, keep improving

Spirit of Enjoy & Wonderful: technology prospers enterprise, management creates effectiveness, and innovation helps development

Cooperation Concept of Enjoy & Wonderful: respect, understanding, trust, support

Talent Concept of Enjoy & Wonderful: people oriented, give full scope to the talents


Management Concept of Enjoy & Wonderful:

Tell results when reporting work    Tell scheme when asking for instructions of work

Tell process when summarizing the work    Tell standards when assigning work

Ask process when caring for subordinate   Stress on morals when handing over work

Value of Enjoy & Wonderful: diligence, steadiness, innovation, development, unity, share

Diligence: it is the important guarantee to achieve great success, be diligent in learning, thinking summarizing and so on, and be careful to do every thing well.

Steadiness: be pragmatic and not be blundering, and be a surefooted person.

Innovation: “change” is the only thing that does not change in the world, only constantly explore new technology, new concept and new idea and innovate in practice, can we remain invincible in the tide of development.

Development: development is absolute principle, try best to promote the comprehensive sustainable development of society and enterprise, create and provide a fair, reasonable, harmonious and lawful environment and welfare for the free development of every honest and diligent laborer.

Unity: although everyone among us is not the best, we can together form a best group, everyone treats every member of the group sincerely, and harmony creates resplendence.

Share: share is an achievement exhibition after hard work. Being willing to share shows a lofty spiritual world that we admire and advocate, and make everyone enjoy the happiness of share.

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