Yiwu environmental protection plastic tableware continues to sell well

Source: JinHua Enjoy&Wonderful Inc.Publication time:2017-09-26

Data show that as of July 22 , a total area of Yiwu, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine export environment-friendly plastic cutlery 2781 batch, the value of $ 36,351,000 , an increase of 4.16% and 5.63% , the export situation continued to sell . Yiwu region environmentally friendly plastic cutlery products are mainly involved plastic cutlery, plastic cups , bottles, plastic food container and so on. At present, Yiwu Council area Total 12 plastic tableware manufacturers , sales and food contact plastic cutlery more than 900 businesses , products are mainly exported to the United States, Egypt, Spain , Canada, Australia and other countries.

Environmentally friendly plastic cutlery is harmless materials used , non-toxic , tasteless, easy degradation , production, manufacture and use of pollution-free , the product quality in line with national food hygiene requirements , products are easy to recycle after use and disposable plastics system of food containers. Currently on the market are mostly resistant plastic tableware temperatures above 100 ℃ , especially environment-friendly tableware, hard plastic cups , etc., qualified products can withstand 160 ℃ high temperature , even in a microwave oven in hot meals, hot milk is also very safe .

In order to better serve the local economic development , improve product quality and effectiveness of targeted regulation , Yiwu Bureau Take Measures to ensure the quality and safety of these products : strict inspection and procurement of raw materials, finished products inspection system, reinforced plastic raw materials, plastic additives and other raw materials risk assessment ; helping enterprises to increase new environmentally friendly product development efforts , and effectively avoid technical barriers to exporting countries ; intensify supervision and management , to achieve "the source to control " and " regulatory process " two-pronged , for export products quality escort.

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