JINHUA ENJOY&WONDERFUL INC. Is a professional factory to produce the disposable plastic cutlery, cups and plates. After 10years of operation, I just want to tell you that we are the best.

In 2004,our factory is the first one to produce the silver coated products in China and shipped the goods over all of the world in short time.

In 2015, we also have successfully studied the way to finish the gold and rose gold coated goods. It is also the first one to offer this kind of goods in China and the goods is very popular in the market now.

Different to other factory, we are always to study and try to offer the unique goods to our customer. Though our goods is made by plastic, we have used 100% hot heart to produce the goods like an art. If you just see them in the desk, you can’t image that they are PLASTIC! It is a magical products that they look like the real metal products. The plate is made by plastic too, but they look like the ceramics plates. The most import that our cups is in very good quality and it is the best one to healthy between all the plastic cups. And they don’t need to wash in order to save our time.

Pls do remember the name “WONDERFUL”. After you used them, you will ENJOY them. And the lift also will seemed to be better.  We can meet to any require from you. And we also have more than 200 different products to been selected. Even you have seen a normal item, it have expend lot of our energies to make it better.

If you want to know more our factory and products, pls feel free to contact with me. We will give you the detailed introduction. If you already know our name “WONDERFUL”, pls try to know more. We can show our different face to you like noble, soft, warm,lovely. Yes, it is our products. We like our goods just as we love our babies. It will be the best choice to you!

      OUR FACTORY     

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